“Chinese hot” sweep the world

November 17, 2017

Lately,a hot topic is from American President Trump’s granddaughter,who is six-year-old can sing Chinese songs and ancient poems in fluent Chinese. She sang Our Fields, Beautiful Fields, and My Good Mom,and recitedThree Character Classic, two ancient poems of Li Bai, Watching the Fall of Lushan Mountain, and Departing from Baidi City in the Morning.Some moms think that her levels is better than their children.

In fact,not only Trump’s but also some Royal descendants’s and business bigwigs’s children have started to learn Chinese too.Such as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos,William Prince,themselves also learn to speak Chinese.

Speaking Chinese become much popular in the world as well as English.This phenomenon verifies that Mandarin has been accepted by more and more foreign people.Even they like to learn it.That is as a song sang by SHE in 2007.The lyric is ”Chinese language is learned all over the world, Confucius’s words is more and more international.And Chinese language is spoke all over the world.How beautiful Chinese language is……”.Ten years later,what the lyrics said has become to true.Lately years,”Chinese hot” sweeps the gobal.Not only set Chinese language major in some universities,many elementary and secondary schools also set Chinese language course.More and more foreign parents hope their children could learn Chinese as a child.That is Chinese glamourous!That is China strong!

One day our clients could speak with us in Chinese mandarin.What’s more,they talked about any products from Calcium formate,Cellulose ethers(MHPC,HEMC,MC,HEC,CMC),Redispersible polymer powder,PP fiber and Water reducer by mandarin to us.We chat with each other in English or Chinese.I believe it will be realized one day.How interesting it is!