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Why choose Henan Botai Redispersible polymer powder?

July 11, 2016

Redispersible polymer powder produced by spray-drying special water-based emulsion,mostly based on vinyl acetate-thylene(VAE),then obtained a free flowing organic polymer powder.It can re-disperse in water and form a film after water evaporation by coalescence of individual polymer particles.The film acts as an organic binder to glue together different substrates,reinforce mortar structure and provide excellent adhesion at cement or gypsum based dry mixed mortar substrate interface.

The main advantages of Redispersible polymer powder is that it has strong adhesion and binder.And Redispersible polymer powder is used with Calcium formate,Cellulose ethers,it also can improve water retention and open time,higher flexural strength,flexibility and deformability.Redispersible polymer powder’s adhesion is durability.What’s more,it could apply to all kinds of base material and has good adhesion.Redispersible polymer powder the raw material is environmental and it’s not formaldehyde.So redispersible polymer powder is more and more using construction industry.Like EIFS,cement tile additives,grouts,wall putty,self-leveling,water proofing mortars etc.

Our redispersible polymer powder has different type.It’s binder-type(DP-A202,DP-A208),flexible-type(DP-F305,DP-F310),Flowing-type(DP-S023,DP-S025),hydrophobic-type(DP-W002).Binder-type is common type.It can use in all applications.Flexible-type mainly use in grouts/fillers,skim coat/wall putty/render.Flowing-type mainly use in Self-leveling flow mortars.Hydrophobic-type mainly use in water proofing mortars,repairing mortars.

Some customers will ask:As we know,there many companys sell Redispersbile polymer powder at home and abroad.Like Wacker,Dow etc famous company.What are you good to them?

Our Henan botai can not compare to Wacker,DOW these owning hundreds of history.But we are always working hard and innovating to run them.Firstly,we treat any customers as our god.We will supply our efficient and valuable service to you my dear clients.Secondly,We could change production recipe for customers’ quirement.So we can produce one type suite as your requirement.That’s different with other famous companys.I believe they won’t easly change their production line for any customer.Thirdly,About technology our technicians are endlessly to developing and innovating.We invest much funds to build our lab.The equipment are best than famous company’s.And it’s complete,like Drawing,Chromatograph,Brookfield,NDJ,Mortar Blender etc.Our technicians are professional with many years experience.Especially,our Technical Director who worked in TOP 500 company.What’s more,Through our efforts,we promise that our Redispersible polymer powder non-blocking under right storage.

We Henan Botai welcome all of you to inquiry any information of Redispersible polymer powder to us.We could offer your 200g free samples for test.We are looking forward to receiving your inquiry.