Company should treat customer as the God.Saticify customers' all quirement.

The core of customer

June 12, 2016

We all know that customer is our God.We have to serve them well,as they bring profit to us for developing.So In the customer as the center of the marketing practice, the enterprise needs to do three key points.One point is enterprise needs to create value for customer.Sencond point is enterprise needs to offer satisfaction to customer.Third is enterprise needs to create customer loyalty (long-term relationship).

About one point,to create value for client.In my view,I think mainly that our products is good with low price that it can let our clients earn much profit.Only they could earn money,they just choose make business with you. Our products not only is low price,what’s more our price should be competitive with others in clients’ market.If not,I believe no one wants to do business with you.So products good and with competitive price is very important sector.

About second point,offering good service to our customer is basic.Firstly,when our customer has questions to ask.We should answer them at first time.Secondly,our full-time staff follow the order from head to end.And we’ll timely feed back any order details to customer. Like us,our client use our Calcium formate, HPMC75000cps on March,2016.On June,they tell our salesman that during their construction there are some wrong.Our technologists get this questions,they start to make experiment in our lab.We’ll send picture and tell our experiment process to customer to solve any questions.Sometimes if our clients let us help them search other products or contact Chinese supplier.Our salesmen always kindly help them clients,even it’s not our products Calcium formate,HPMC,HEMC,MC,Redispersible polymer powder and PP fiber.So we serve our customer in all sides to make them satisfaction.

About thirdly,I think it base on up two points. So long as you could creat value for customer and satisfy them,the customer will be happy to become your long-time cooperator.One India customer,they have bought our Redispersible polymer powder,HEMC100000cps about five years.They are friends with our salsman.Even their daughter loves to chat with our salsman to talk about private things.I believe that’s our salesman’s charm and company’s glamour to attract them do business with us longer.

In a word,all customers needs to “culture” feelings,serve well and creat value for them.That their will be loyalty to you.