Good calcium formate in raw materials,equipment,production method and experiment to improve the quality.

Secret? Calcium formate

July 10, 2016

Some customers complain that why we bought Calcium formate is so yellow?Calcium content is so low?Their properity is not good?Because your bought Calcium formate is not purity.

Firstly,it’s the raw materials.Purity Calcium formate is form of 85%Formate Acid and15%Calcium.While some companies will choose 35%useless Formate Acid to produce Calcium formate.

Secondly,it’s production method.Some companies use TMP method to product Calcium format.By this method,the products’ properity that particle size is too thin,color is gray and yellow and it’s easy to moisture and block.

Customer ask:Can we buy good quality Calcium formate?

Henan Botai:Yes,we could.

We Henan Botai can offer you the good Calcium formate.Because we choose the 85% Formate Acid as the raw materials not waste formate acid.And our equipment is stainless steel,so it could pick up heavy metal silica.That impurity is smaller,so its color is purity. Especially feed grade,it demands heavy metal is small.Our Calcium formate feed grade,heavy metal is max 20ppm.About the method beside the by-product method of pentaerythrite.We have own unique products new patents.Our technicians innovate new production method of Calcium formate.It’s Co+Cao+H2O.That can get high quality Calcium formate.Of course,the important is that our per order products will be directly test from the beginning to the end in our lab by our technicians.If it’s not up to the standard,we choose not shipping.We promise to offer our customer the highest quality goods.

To avoid moisture and block,we Henan Botai make these measures.One is that we control water insoluble of Calcium formate is max 0.5%.Two is that in packaging we choose PP woven bags or kraft paper bags inner PE liner.Three is that during the shippment we put moderate desiccant.

We Henan Botai try our best to supply your good Calcium formate with competitive price.We always treat our customer as the God.And create value for customers is our aim.